Hard Drive Space for Maryland

Hi everyone-
Ian and I have been fielding a number of queries regarding the free HD space on your computers.
The reason we have asked for you to come with 200GB of free space is because of the assembly exercise.
We are in the process of building the VirtualBox (VM) for the course and listed the space requirement as a worst case scenario.

If you are currently shy of space, clean up as best you can to get to as close to 200GB as possible. Move all of the items you are able to onto an external drive before coming to UMD (and put them back when you get home).
To answer the logical next question:
No we can not run the course on an external you bring, it is too slow and will fail.
If there are still issues during the course with regards to your disk space when we get to the assembly exercise, we can wipe and reinstall the VM (this takes about 30 min) to reclaim HD space. As the week progresses your VM will increase in size do to the computing we will perform.

If you still have concerns, let us know. We will send out a detailed course schedule and other info as we get closer in.

Looking forward to meeting you all.

Nic & Ian


Travel Info for UMD

Hi everyone.  As you make plans, here are a few bits of info that will help you out.

Here is an interactive campus map:


We will be in the Biology-Psychology Building ( 4094 Campus Dr., College Park, MD 20742) located in the center of campus.

If you wish to drive, the closest lot ($15/day) is  Reagents Drive Parking Garage (8056 Regents Dr., College Park, MD 20742).

Public transportation is in the form of the DC Metro (College Park Station). From there you can take a bus to campus. Please refer to local bus info for routes and schedules.

We’re excited to see you in College Park in mid-September.

-Ian & Nic


Thanks for a great week in Raleigh


Cheers to a terrific group; what an impressive bunch of hard workers!

We were impressed at how well everything stuck as evidenced by the speed at which everyone got up to speed and made quick progress in Python on Friday. The progress throughout the week through each of the analysis steps was terrific. Additionally, we believe the extent to which the cohort went to share expertise and peer-teaching improved learning outcomes across the board.

We will miss the easy access to the chocolate factory on the corner as well as all the great food nearby to HQ Raleigh. Good luck with your projects and let us know if you have any questions along the way.

Great job everyone…Thanks to everyone for making the workshop so much fun for us!

-Nic and Ian


Raleigh update: location of workshop

Hi Everyone-

We have booked into a conference space at Raleigh HQ and believe it will provide us with the space and resources we need for a terrific workshop.

310 S. Harrington Street Raleigh, NC 27603


For those of you who are traveling, there are several reasonable hotel and  Air BnB options nearby. If you have any affiliation with NC state, their Raleigh campus has guest accommodations as well.