About Us


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADr. Nic Blouin is an evolutionary marine biologist who has been using computational tools to answer evolutionary and ecological questions for 10 years. He has been involved in four Joint Genome Institute sequencing projects and is the research lead for and additional 4 whole genome/transcriptome sequencing and annotation projects. He has a commitment to training of organismal biologists in the use of computational tools to improve data handing and analysis. As part of his interests in improving computational literacy for end users, he has recently joined the organizing committee for the Marine Ecological and Marine Genomics  (MEEG) summer course held in Roscoff, France each year. Nic is a senior research scientist in the INBRE Bioinformatics Core at the University of Wyoming.  BlouinCVBDT

IMG_4168Dr. Ian Misner has been working with bioinformatics and genomics for the past 8 years as a (computational) biologist. He worked for 3 years completing the genome sequences of two oomycetes while completing his Ph.D. with Dr. Chris Lane at the University of Rhode Island. He has lead the de novo sequencing, assembly, annotation, and analyses on over 16 genomes. He has also been a lead researcher with a variety of RNAseq projects from model organisms to de novo research projects. He is currently working as a contractor for The National Institutes of Health as a Computational Genomics Expert in NIAID/BCBB,where he conducts tailored bioinformatic services for researchers in NIAID and developes microbiome analysis tools.  MisnerCV


Nic and Ian have been collaborating on various projects for 6 years.


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