Travel Info for UMD

Hi everyone.  As you make plans, here are a few bits of info that will help you out.

Here is an interactive campus map:

We will be in the Biology-Psychology Building ( 4094 Campus Dr., College Park, MD 20742) located in the center of campus.

If you wish to drive, the closest lot ($15/day) is  Reagents Drive Parking Garage (8056 Regents Dr., College Park, MD 20742).

Public transportation is in the form of the DC Metro (College Park Station). From there you can take a bus to campus. Please refer to local bus info for routes and schedules.

We’re excited to see you in College Park in mid-September.

-Ian & Nic



One thought on “Travel Info for UMD

  1. Hi

    I’ll be going from an apartment’s friend in D.C. to Univ. of Maryland using public transportation. Can you please send information about stations when you can? Does public transportation work on sundays too? Thanks!


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